In Egypt, the medieval mosque Sultan El-Muayyad , built in 1421 was destroyed by the centuries and the ravages of the revolution.

It has been rebuilt and completely renovated to the delight of residents and visitors.Located in the neighborhood of Cairo, this historic mosque is by seniority, machaAllah.It was also built in an architectural style of the Middle Ages. The mosque is surrounded by a courtyard, recalling the medieval squares.

The renovation of the mosque began in 2012, under the control of the Department of Antiquities who oversaw preserve the historicity and the richness of this architecture. The pulpit has been preserved and wood is the main component of the structure. The restoration of the Shrine is finally over.

The work took several years, due to lack of funding but also by the complexity of the renovation to be carried out as outlined in the general manager of the Cairo restoration department. Indeed, it was to stay true to the essence of this historical place, while renewing its architecture.