How many times have I wanted to congratulate you for your efforts in the way of Allah.When I see the society in which we live today I say that you and many girls of the Ummah are the pride of Muslims. Courageous, modest but especially women, I encourage you to continue on this path. Do not be discouraged or deflect the Balance: that of truth as forgotten as female does not mean exhibited.

You are women, my sisters, and I want to thank you and send you all my du’as to accompany you.

Modesty, best character trait

Each religion has its own character and that of Islam is modesty.

Narrated by Malik

This is therefore part of our religion, for women as for men.

So every day, I see you, your sisters and you Filah, take the shame and bear prying eyes and incentives to reveal ever more devious. Delicate veil between you and the other, invisible but perceptible whenever you speak or you move, you show the example of the behavior of our Beloved, to him the most beautiful greetings and peace.

The Prophet sallallaahu Allah ‘alayhi wa sallam, was more modest than a virgin in her room.

Narrated by Bukhari

If this hadith refers to the example of unmarried young it is that it is a characteristic of the woman to be modest. And the best of men, peace and salvation to him, all is demarcated by being much more modest yet.

Your sisters and you had the ambition to meet your Lord protecting what he has offered as benefits. Your sensitivity, your body and femininity are part and what a noble task to preserve away from any aggression or naivety.

The embellishment but not the exhibition

You are aware of your responsibility towards the view that some relate to Islam by being exposed to the society in your daily activities. It is loud, but with humility, you are helping the community to correct prejudices. Islam does not advocate abandoning our femininity or less tend towards nudity.

Filah my sisters and you have understood the middle and while you witnessed my sha Allah.

You take care of yourself, without showing your assets, or you flaunt. You smile to life while remaining straight and preserving your looks.

No need to accessories lights or in excess embellishment, every time you go out for your business, your faces light by the sincerity and modesty you care first.

(…) And do not display yourselves like that of women before Islam (Jahiliyah).)

Quran Al-Ahzaab: 33.

One advice of a pious mother, Umm Iyas, to his daughter on her marriage, was not to abandon the kohl, and water as perfume. This advice she gave to her daughter about to be married.

No irony in there, just the act of washing as often as possible is a board which encourages cleanliness, hygiene and good smell which a woman must get used to preserve her femininity and please her husband.

Indeed, taking care of his body seems not to have to be recalled today. In excess, makeup is used, expensive perfume and accessories to adorn themselves. But what is the Islamic law about it?

Recall that the use of perfume and fragrances are prohibited for the woman when she leaves her house.

“Any woman who puts on perfume and passes by people so that they can smell her perfume, she commits adultery. ” Narrated by Muslim

Behavior, apparent sign of femininity

Filah your sisters and you did not fall for the hype of behavior . Or deleted, not understanding what surrounds you, nor extroverted acting as if no one saw you, you as the first female reflex your restraint. Elegant gentle, your voice is hardly distinguishable without a sign of weakness or fear as your behavior and your clothes are different from men.

The Prophet, peace and salvation be upon him, said: “Allah cursed effeminate men and masculinized woman.”

These are all the reasons that make me proud of you and my sisters. You have understood the meaning of femininity, like character and value to preserve and favor of Allah not to denature.

And for all those on the path of right understanding, I pray to Allah that He guides and consolidates their steps on the path of Quran and Sunnah. Amine