Mining companies paid to the government of Burkina Faso nearly 194 billion CFA francs in 2013, reveals the latest report of the Initiative Extractive Industries Transparency (EITI). Fifth of its kind, the report of the Burkina Faso EITI was presented during a press conference last Thursday by a team of the Permanent Secretariat of the Initiative.

According to the report, the 29 affected mining companies in 2013 reported paying the Burkinabe government 193 000 000 000 984 000 000 904 000 611 CFA francs, where the government in the same year, said he received from these companies, 197 billion 320 million 374 640 thousand francs, a difference of more than 3.335 billion FCFA. In the opinion of the representative of the President of the EITI steering committee, Jonas Hien, this gap can be explained by the fact that some mining companies have not fulfilled their reporting forms of payment.

In addition, Mr. Hien mentioned that tax payments and taxes (customs duties, VAT and taxes superficialities) by the State have not been fully confirmed by mining companies, before mentioning that parts and supporting explanations were not given by certain boards recipe of the state.
the report also shows that 753 million 236 thousand 681 CFA were donated by the state to municipalities and regions, and that six of the eight major industrial mines in the country employ 5 721 against 368 national non-nationals. Other mines, in turn, employ more than 7000 national 474 against non-nationals.

The 2013 study of the EITI, do you notes, involved 29 mining companies, selected according to the following criteria: have paid the state minimum of 100 million CFA francs during the year have been retained in the 2012 report even if the payments in 2013 did not reach 100 million and be a purchase and resale of gold counter that exported at least 50 kilograms of gold in 2013. the total of these payments 29 companies representing 99.59% of the mining sector’s contribution to the 2013 state budget.

The team of the Initiative for the Extractive Industries Transparency of Burkina Faso (BF EITI) aims to strengthen good governance in the area of ​​natural resource exploitation in this case oil, minerals and gas, does it indicate.