Praise be to Allah.
Any country or territory in which the authorities apply the laws of Allah and rule residents under the provisions of the Sharia and litigants have ability to fulfill the obligations Shariah has prescribed them, are a territory of Islam. the people Muslims must be loyal to their
rulers to the extent their action is in accordance with standards Islamic. In addition, they must provide good advice to their leaders and help to manage the affairs of state and
provide them with energy physical and intellectual and to live and there do not leave to settle in a another Muslim country, hoping to find better conditions life.
The city of Medina, for example, is become an Islamic territory after Immigration Prophet (saw) to her and the installation therein of the seat the Islamic State. This is also the case of
Mecca whose conquest allowed to integrate it into the territory of Islam, whereas before it was a territory war that the Muslims can were obliged to leave.
Similarly is considered a territory of (… ..) any country or disbelief country whose rulers
do not apply the laws and do not support business litigants as provisions of Islam and where the Muslim is not able to fulfill the cultic obligations of his religion. It was, for example, the case of Mecca before the conquest. This is also the case countries whose inhabitants claim
Islam, but whose leaders implement laws other than those revealed by Allah and where Muslims can not celebrate the rites of their religion. To save their faith, the Muslims must in this case leave it territory to move elsewhere where is governed by Islam and where they
can fulfill their obligations religious. Those among men, women and children who can not
move are excusable. The Muslims of other territories must work to facilitate the evacuation of these last to the territory of Islam. Allah the Almighty has said: “Those who have done
wrong themselves, the angels take their souls, saying, “Where Were you in?”
(About your religion) – “We were oppressed in the land” ‘they said. The angels will say: “The
earth Allah Was not large enough for you to emigrate therein? “Here men will find their abode in Hell. And what an evil destination! to
Except the weak men, women and children, unable to manage, and who find no path: to those, it may be that Allah gives forgiveness. Allah is Forgiving, Forgiving .. “(Qur’an 4: 97-99) and said” And that did you not fight in Allah, and for the cause of weak men, women and children say, “Lord Fais- us out! this town whose people are oppressors; and raise for us from You one who will protect, and assigne- us from You one who will help. ‘ ”
(Qur’an, 4: 75).
As for able Muslim inhabitants to observe the rites of their religion, persuade their rulers to
contribute to the improvement of their conduct, they are obliged to stay on instead, in the hope that their presence promotes the dissemination of religion and reform in an atmosphere of peace.
(Source: Islam Q & A -Sheikh Muhammed
Salih Al-Munajjid).