Conceptual photo of Ramadan food:dates palm, milk and water

Fasting is an act of worship, which brings us closer to our Lord and reminds us of the reason for our existence on earth. Beyond the spiritual benefits, the present fasting benefits our bodies and our health.

This is what a British study emphasizes that advocates fasting intermittently, discovered in 2012. To get the most benefits from this fast, the British recommended to fast two days a week. Entitled “Plan 5: 2”, 5 and 2 days of food fasting days a week , this diet has proven to UK and US that have adopted it.

During the two days of fasting, it is advisable to eat vegetables to feel full without consuming too many calories. Fasting intermittently has proven its benefits in an experiment conducted on mice. These tests have shown that the fact of fast two days per week could prevent certain diseases.

These research on the mice fasting extended over more than a century. The results are surprising. Fasting intermittently increases by 40% the lifespan of mice sobhanAllah Although no study has also long been performed on humans, the benefits of fasting is nonetheless evident. This was particularly demonstrated by studying Michelle Harvie and Anthony Howell who point out that fasting intermittently reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Beyond scientific research, remember that fasting intermittently was practiced by our beloved Prophet ( ‘alaihi wasallam). Indeed, Aisha (may Allah be pleased with him) said: “The Messenger of Allah (alaihi wasallam) wanted to fast on Mondays and Thursdays” (At Tirmidhy). This reason alone should motivate us to do the same inshaAllah. Allier spiritual well-being and physical benefits, what more?