Praise be to Allah.
The use of drops for the eyes or ears of the fasting not been any problem and does not invalidate the fast.Some scholars argue that the invalid if the person feels its taste in the throat. As a precaution, it
is better to abstain during the days of Ramadan. If one who has felt the taste in his throat caught up fasting the day in question as a precaution, it would be preferable. We read in a resolution of the Islamic Fiqh: “The following things are not regarded as breaking the fast of factors: the taste for the eye, the taste for the ear, ear wash, the tastes the . nose, nasal pump, provided avoid swallowing all that enters the groove “Shaykh Ibn Baaz (may Allah have mercy on him) said:” If clean teeth with a toothpaste leg does not invalidate the fast. It is the same for the use of the toothpick. However, it must prevent fragments reach the stomach. If that happens involuntarily, he will not have to make up the fasts that day. This is also the case for gout in the eye or the ear because they do not involve breaking the fast according to the more correct of the two opinions of the scholars. If he feels the taste of taste it in his throat, the precaution is that he catches up fasting the day but it is not a duty for both channels (the eye and ear) can not be used for drinking and eat. As for the drop to be taken nasally, its use is not permitted (the fasting person) because the nose is a passage (for food). That is why the Prophet (blessings and salvation be upon him) said: “strongly Inhale (water) unless you’re fasting.” (Narrated by at- Tirmidhi and Abu Dawud, and judged authentic by al-Albani ). He (the fasting person) who does must make up the fast for that day under this Hadith and those that abound in the same direction, it feels a taste in his throat. “(Cf. Majmoo Fataawa of Shaykh Ibn Baaz (15/15 / 260.261)). The same sheikh (may Allaah have mercy on him) said: “What is right is that the taste does not invalidate the fast, although the issue is the subject of a dispute among the scholars that some say if the flavor of the taste reaches the throat, it invalidates the applicant’s fasting. What is right is that it does not invalidate because the eye is not a passage (for food). However, if the person concerned was catching up fast with caution and given the divergence about the case where the flavor is felt, there ‘would be no harm in doing so. It is nevertheless true that the tastes used to the eye or the ear does not invalidate fasting. “(Excerpt deMadjmou Fatawa Shaykh Ibn Baaz (1 5/2 6 3) ) . C heikh Muhammad ibn Salih al-Uthaymeen (may Allah have mercy on him) said: “As to the tastes applied to the eye as the kohl and tastes ear, they do not invalidate the fast because the texts not mention them and they are not comparable to what is mentioned. The eye is not a passage to drink and eat. The ear either. They are pores of the body as others. The scholars said: if someone floundering in the bitter apple flavor and felt in his throat, his fast is not broken because the feet are not a passage (to the stomach). Similarly, if we coated kohl or takes a taste to the eye or ear, his fast is not broken, even if we felt the taste in his throat. It would be the same even if we applied a healing ointment or ordinary, it does not hurt. The use of the pump to facilitate breathing does not invalidate fasting because nothing reaches the stomach in and it was not comparable either to eat or to drink. “ (Cf.Fatwas siyam, p. 206 ). Allah knows best.
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