Schéma solution

On Sunday 07 February 2016, the Muslim community Guinean Bingerville has launched the
building their first place of worship in the area Gbagba 1.

a building R + 3, as is the plan the future place of prayer for Muslim community Guinean Bingerville. The first step is the ground floor, requires about seven (7) million CFA francs for its finish. A project that requires the involvement of all the Muslim community here and
moreover, notes the oustaz Muhammad Sow this community. For him, construction of a building to the glory Allah seeks the input of all true it was initiated Muslims by and for the Guinean community. Therefore, Muhammad called Sow the assembly to bring so significant funding or material construction of the said mosque. As for the president of this community, Souleymane Bah, he thanked the Ivorians in general and Muslim community in particular
to brotherly and warm welcome place them all these years. Cohabitation that enabled them
community settling for lead its activities and today consider construct a building to the glory of Allah. ”
This means that there is a good cohabitation between Ivorians and Guinean ” he added. The representative of Guinea Consul Ivory Coast Cissé el Hajj Sita during About his asked his
community to respect the institutions Ivorian and make every effort so that living together advocated by two counts of Ivorian and Guinean States a reality. Returning to the construction of the mosque, he urged Muslim worshipers to banish them daily discrimination while advocating the agreement because ” it’s a place where we love Allah (swt) ”. Forthwith envelopes were distributed at the meeting to fundraising. It must mean that the total cost of this building is 140 million FCFA.
Ibrahima Khalil