Praise be to Allah.
(….). You have to pay his debts quickly refers to the debts of the deceased; they are owed or due to Allah a human. What is with Allah is as zakat, expiatory acts, vows, and others. What belongs to the human is like loans, price a sold object, a salary, compensation for loss and other human rights. We must hasten to the settle wherever possible as it shall delay them.                                                                                                                             This is based on a double argument traditional and theoretical. The first is the saying of the Prophet (Blessings and salvation be upon him): ” The soul of the deceased is Muslim suspended until its debts or settled. “This hadith is weak but it is corroborated by the hadith of Abu Qatada citing the case of death presented to The Messenger of Allah (blessings and salvation be upon him) who asked if he was indebted. When he was informed that he had a debt of two dinars, he stepped back and refrained from making him the prayer for the dead. Abu Qatada said:
– “I promise to pay two dinars, O
Messenger of Allah. ”
– “You respect the creditor’s right and discharges the deceased? ”
– “Yes.” He walked over and gave him the prayer schedule. Regarding the theoretical argument, lies in the fact that in principle a duty shall be performed quickly since it is permissible to delay that when an argument allows. “(From char’h al-moumt’i (5/260)).
Shaykh Muhammad al-Mukhtar achChinquiti (May Allah protect him) said: “Therefore, the heirs commit sin when they delay payments debts. When a father or a close relative dies and leaves money or house while he is in debt, the heirs must sell the house for pay its debts. To do this, they must Rent (a house) or remain in the house (father) as tenants or move elsewhere. Leave debt suspended his conscience when he left funds can be used to adjust
returns to behave unfairly respect of the deceased. When it is other than one of the parents, injustice becomes more serious. ” According to information received from the Prophet
(Blessings and salvation be upon him): ” The soul of the deceased is Muslim suspended its debt). For some people ulemas, when the deceased is in debt, it is deprives divine benefits to settlement of its debts. This is the meaning of his words: “The soul of the believer is set
pledge because of debts “or “Suspended its debt,” according to a version. This means that it will be private benefit of (divine) to Regulation his debts. This is indicated in the hadeeth of Abu Qatada (P.A.a) quoted in Sahih and according which when presented before a death
The Messenger of Allah (blessings and salvation be upon him) and said,
– “He Left a debt?”
– “Two dinars.”
– “Did he leave enough to pay it?”
– “Pray for your companion.” Abu Qatada said:
– “I take responsibility, Messenger Allah! ”
The Prophet (blessings and salvation be upon him) gave him the prayer for the dead. Abou Qatada said: “Whenever me met, he said: Have you settled the debt ” I answered: not yet. One day he met me and said, have you set the debt? I replied in the affirmative. he said: “Now his skin has cooled.” All this shows the importance of debt and the need to adjust quickly, especially when it concerns the father and mother as she becomes a priority. Allah Most High knows best. “(From Sharh az-Zad).
(Source: Islam Q & A)