In our last article about health, we discussed the issue of cancer , what is this disease and how to cope as a Muslim. Today we focus on a different type of disease, namely autism. What is autism, what are we talking about? We also look at autism who have advanced in the knowledge of Islam in order to emphasize that being autistic is not inevitable.

Autism, what are we talking about?

Autism is not a physical illness, it is not necessarily visible at first glance. That said, an autistic person is distinguished by its particular behavior. In fact, autism is defined by WHO as “a pervasive developmental disorder that affects brain function. It is no longer considered a mental disorder nor a psychiatric illness “ . This disease is especially characterized by social interaction and restricted communication.

Autism is appointed by different terminologies: autistic disorder, autism spectrum, PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorders), ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). The autism disorder appears during childhood. Usually before the age of 3 years the autism diagnosis can be made. The child present including language disorders, disorders of social interactions but also repetitive and restricted behavior. Autism is thus characterized by three aspects: “a communication disorder, disruption of social relations and behavioral disorders “ .

Autism is rooted in neurobiological level. These problems will manifest themselves differently in people with cancer. In fact, some will have more severe problems than others. Note that during childhood, these disorders and evolve with age they can decrease or even disappear completely. As explained by WHO, “growing up, some children with autism eventually lead normal or near-normal life” , both in their education and in their professional future.

Autistic open their heart to Islam

Despite proof that this represents, autism is not a fatality. Thus many autistic managed both academically and professionally. Beyond that, we have also pointed out some time ago that, some autistic take the path of spirituality and religious science.

Among them, recall the journey of William , this autistic who embraced Islam. While he was shut in on itself, because the closing itself is one of the characteristics of autism, he finally opened Islam one day. He describes himself as being particularly reserved: “I do not fit in the society around me.” His conversion to Islam was one of the reasons prompting him to go to others and be open to trade. Gradually, William learned Arabic starting with the alphabet and then he went over to the mosque, even making friends with the brothers, who had no social relationship before. SobhanAllah!

Also, remember the history of this small Palestinian aged just ten, autism and who yet finished learning the Holy Quran. Indeed, Khalid Abu Musa young autistic is hafidh al Qur’an! So he memorized the entire Qur’an, 60 Hizb machaAllah! Despite his autism, Khalid Abu Musa came to learn the Koran but also to open up to the outside world.So it exceeds its handicap as successful today to communicate and even to play with other children Hamdulillah al.

Autism is a disease course, but it is not inevitable, and the best examples are the machaAllah illustration. May Allah assist all parents whose children have disabilities.He grant them patience and student levels.