We already knew that the beards had beneficial effects on human health  as revealed to an Australian study. The beard and reduces the risk of skin diseases but also asthma.

Beyond that, the beard will greatly reduce the risk of cancer . Dermatologists who conducted the study explain that in fact the beard is an excellent protection against UV rays. Although the sun’s rays are necessary for the body, significant exposure to them is dangerous for health.

Thus, the beard is the right balance to let the UV rays necessary for vitamin D needs without such exposure is excessive. The beard is therefore a skin protection , which separate man bearded risk of cancer skin and aging as reported by the Daily Mail.

This study highlights the wisdom that lies behind the beards. This obligation for every Muslim therefore has benefits for health sobhanAllah. Let us remember the order of our noble Messenger ( ‘alayhi wasallam) from Ibn’ Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) who said: “Differentiate you idolaters: let the beard grow and trim your mustaches” (Al Bukhari and Muslim). The divine orders and Sunnah are endowed with wisdom that we do not measure. Recent studies and discovering, step by step.