How many times have you asked yourself why you fall in love with the wrong person? What drives you to endlessly repeat the same emotional patterns while they are doomed to failure? Here are some tips to finally get out of this downward spiral.

Aware of his mistakes

The best way to change behaviors that are repeated endlessly, is to detect. In this way, it will be easy to stand back from a situation that has constantly recur in different ways. Many women have the impression of having a terribly eventful love life without realizing they reiterated each time the same scenario. Only characters and scenery change, but the mechanics of the action, it remains unchanged. Take a step back to look at the scene objectively may be beneficial to try to change the course of history. It is also a way of not guilty and entered an active approach to change attitudes and behaviors that bother you. By becoming aware of this, you are no longer a victim, but actress of your life.


Surely you have noticed the mistakes you make constantly. Now is the time to understand why you do them.Only work on yourself can help you determine the cause of your repetitive behavior. Is this related to your childhood? Have you experienced trauma in your past? Your family history does play a role? All these questions need to be asked, because one thing is certain: the repetitive patterns constitute a defense system set up by our psyche to relieve themselves in a generally negative experience. But by looping, this parade ends up being harmful. To break this vicious circle, it may be necessary to consult a psychologist to help you understand these unconscious mechanisms.

On the road to change

After analyzing and gave meaning to each of your mistakes, you now have the right cards to take control of your love life. You can finally get out of the role in which you were locked up for many years. Time will be your best ally to achieve this metamorphosis. Because out of a stereotype requires energy and reflection. We fall easily into his old through! To avoid them, do not rush. You will have time to identify the various signs that could lead you to a nouveléchec and avoid them. If you are unable to change the preset scenario alone, cognitive behavioral therapy can be of great help to you because it will teach you to change the behaviors you do not want to repeat.And if relapse, it does not matter. You do not change in a snap!