7- The education
Our educational system has several paradoxes. Demand for training religious for our people is totally unsatisfied. And at the same time more than one million school children were on one hand in the madrasas and Islamic schools in Ivory Coast. And secondly, there are hundreds of students outside in Arab countries which, once returned home to ” seek ” without a base prepared and adequate. At the same time we build higher institutions
almost to copy the same training given in Arab countries. The Islamic University of Ivory Coast who planned to provide training secular, classical Arabic scholars to students and to students of the National Bac in the Ivorian community had to stop for lack of genuine support for the plan national.
For the next 40 years, he will have to both provide our community two additional projects: a secular Muslim university which also form many young Muslims that young non-Muslims, and which hosts Teachers Muslims as non-Muslims. And this Muslim University Private to replace all the criteria of the Higher Education Ministry and the research. Of course next to it, one must have an Islamic university teaches all sciences and theology that welcomes thousands of students madrasas schools. In this perspective, we must supervise and replace Capacity Muslim schools recognized by the state including the Building colleges and Muslim schools to enable these youth continue their education as their peers in traditional schools. In addition he be able to put a strategy in place to support and mentor our young Students in Arab countries. In addition, we need to complete our system education through the establishment of a center for prospective studies that anticipates internal and external changes. Finally, illiteracy is a disease chronic in our community with its consequences, so why not transform our mosques in permanent literacy centers to eliminate definitively this scourge in our community in 2020.
8- Social
Muslims are generous and it is known in our societies. However, this individual and intrinsic quality has trouble being organized structurally. However, any community that does not organize its social policy is exposed to unforeseen situations and a break between the base and the top. To cope the costs of social policy, Islam shows us the way of zakat. Does he
Do not decentralize and institutionalize the collection of Zakat at every mosque? In other words, it will consider Zakat as a product Commercial for sale to customers that are faithful Muslims. The product is guaranteed by God Himself. There is no reason we can not sell it. By
Therefore we need to form commercial for sale in mosques this commercial product that can be zakat.
9- hygiene
Our mosques, including the toilets are not worthy of our religion and our Prophet (saw). We can not present ourselves in 2020 with as beautiful mosques and also with dirty toilets. Thus, we propose the establishment of a real community policing to make our own mosques,
our toilet and the environment of our places of prayer.
10- mobilizing financial resources
Financial and material resources are essential for building a modern Muslim community. The Muslim community is full of people provided with means. Our mosques collect revenue each
Friday. Is that you can not create mutual mosques where part revenue could be located? And it will be for the mutual making ready to mosques for their development and investment, and
obtaining bank guarantees. This well-structured mutual could even be able to invest in the community.
11- culture of excellence
We need to create within the community a spirit of emulation and saint competition at all levels, so that every year Muslims can know the best communities, NGOs, and associations so that each other are inspired. The new Ivorian can not be built in 2020 without the new Muslim. It is and now here we must prepare ourselves to build the new Muslim. In this great perspective, the COSIM and Cheick AHIMA, as always a key role to play, just like they played the last 40 years. This time it will be even easier than the youth of AEEMCI to the AJMCI, the Lipci are already on the ground and ready for the challenges. Next week in the third and final part of the chronicle Friday, we talk about the external challenges to the community for the next 40 years