The -paix prophet and blessings be upon him said “The best of you is he who eats through the work of his hands. The hand that gives is better than receiving”

He also said in a hadith narrated by Bukhari: “Never someone has eaten something better than he has acquired thanks to the work of his hands. Or God’s Prophet Dawood ate Product hands toil. ”

It is better for one of you to take a rope and pick up a bundle of wood he will carry on his back, then it will sell, so that God would spare him the disgrace of reaching out to so and so, that will make him alms or refuse him. “(Bukhari)

In another version:
“When one of you reported on his back a bundle of wood that it is more preferable to reach out to people some of whom give him alms and others give him anything.”

-In This hadith the prophet taught his companions that the dignity of the person is the work whatsoever (as long as it is not based on illegal activity, or that it contributes to or is associated with illegal ) and the disgrace and loss of face are to ask others for assistance. -It is incumbent upon the Muslims to make efforts to obtain a lawful sustenance enabling it to meet the needs of those in his charge . – providing efforts in achieving the causes does not mean that we have no trust in Allah.