On invitation of the NGO Munazamat Dawa Islamiya Coast Mission Ivory (MDI-CI), Sheik Abdul Majid Kassogbia, preacher Congolese theologian, expert analysis in comparative religion stays Ivory Coast as part of the caravan of national reconciliation ..
Speaking on the theme “Spiritual Solutions for national reconciliation, “the preacher defined principles encouraging the establishment of a peaceful coexistence. Info Islam book you
extract its communication held Sunday, February 21, 2016 at Caistab Plateau.

the true purpose of creation man by Allah

My dear brothers and sisters, we all know that God created our father Adam, from clay. From Adam, He created Eve his wife and what torque, God created a composition of offspring many men and women arising from married couples. God has left these men and women in tribes, nations by our different languages ​​they know and they help each other in good deeds based on knowledge and worship of God alone. And to collaborate in what gives them peace, joy, peace, the desire to live and quietude. So that is why God has created. From this truth, we understand all that God never created us for that we entretuions us. God has us ever created for us we destroy. God never created us to make us
helped each other in evil. If we now begin to help each other in evil, it clearly proves that we act contrary to the purpose for which we were created.

a prompt for acceptance of the other

Personally, I wish this title Conference “For God and for the future of the Coast Ivory. ” That is to say, if you do not wantreconciled, then doing it at least for God and the future of Côte d’Ivoire. That means we all leave this earth, we are just a few steps from our graves  respectively. Those we had sustained on Politically, they are X or Y camp, those and all of us, from today until percent years, no one will be living. All would have died including those we supported and that we are killing each other. We will be all dead and we appear before the court of God to render to each one according her works.

hatred, a poor legacy for future generation

How do we present ourselves to God on the Day of Judgment? That is to say we will come before God with not only a heart filled with hatred for his next, but also, we present before God after bequeathed hate our children. hatred is bequeathed as a legacy to our children. What will be our ultimate fate? The people Ivory Coast is not bad but good.

The Reconciliation of great importance in the eyes of God

reconciliation, a plea acceptance of the lie Remember when Adam and Eve, our first parents sinned against God breaking the good and peaceful relationship that existed between God and humanity, God immediately decided to entrust to His Prophets mission reconciliation. The preaching of the Prophets God was none other than seek to reconcile humans with God. Vertically as horizontal. This is why reconciliation between people is of great importance. She
takes so much importance that the lying is a sin, God has tolerated when it comes to reconciling people. The Qur’an and Bible unanimously agree that lying is a sin. Moreover, when one reads in John; Chapter 8 verse 40- 44, Jesus Christ (peace God be upon him) said that Satan is not only a liar, but the Father lie. This means that the lie has originated the devil. The Prophet Muhammad (Saw) speaks of Satan and call it ” Kazouboun ” that is to say, the liar of liars, there is no  liar like him because his lie going to change the truth of God

cases where lying is tolerated

There is also the biblical texts that show God also sometimes tolerate falsehood and lying is sometimes inexcusable. In Exodus; Chapter 1 from verse 15, you find that in the Bible, God was good to Egyptian midwives who refused to obey Pharaoh’s order that their asked to kill any Israelite child sex male and leave the girl alive because Pharaoh was afraid of Moses. So he asked the Egyptian midwives to kill all son that is born of a Jewish woman. The Bible tells us that these women have not obeyed the order Pharaoh, they have saved the lives of children innocent. When the intelligence service learned this, he summoned the two women and their asked the reasons for their conduct. The Women have lied by saying that women
Jews are stronger than women Egyptian, even before the midwife happens to her, it has already birth, so they could not kill children. ” God has done them well because this and multiplied their families. They saved the lives of these innocent children by lying and God did not condemn it, on the contrary, He had blessed. The Qur’an tells us that ‘He who kills an innocent soul, it is as if he killed all humanity, the one who saves one soul is like if he has saved all mankind. ” There therefore has circumstances where lying is tolerated. the same
reason, reasoning accept. Suppose today, if someone comes up with
revolver in his hand and trying to kill your Father, would you do the child by saying the assassin that ” Dad asked me to tell you that it is hiding behind the door? ”. There, lying is license because it aims to save a life. Always in the Bible, in chapter 16, you will see that God told the Prophet Samuel, He sends baptized anointed King David, Prophet will make him a new king who will reign over Israel after rejection of Saul. But before going there, Prophet Samuel said: ‘God do know that if Saul, the former King learned this, he will kill him for sure. ” And God said, ” you take a young cow and you go with, if someone asked you the question on Therefore, the reason for your stay at Bethlem told just what you came for the sacrifice. ” So Samuel that reality is not party to the sacrifice. He went to anoint David as being the new king. So God asked him to hide the real reason for his presence in Bethlehem under the pretense of a sacrifice. Just to say that here, lying is tolerated. Also in the medical field, when we find that the revelation of a deadly diagnosis is made as a danger to a patient suffering an incurable disease and that this revelation could take him to despair, doctors must continue to lie and to reassure sick. There still lying is tolerated. It is The Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: ” it is not regarded as a liar, one who ment to reconcile people ”. For example, someone who, after an argument, and he goes to a said, ” but you complain of such as he said he has no problem with you. He has even said he regretted what he did. ” yet the Monsieur has not sent. Then he will see another and repeat the same thing. In this case, the lie is of particular interest that will not only service to the individual, society and the nation. If God has tolerated a lie in some situations, it is because it is far from lie philosophers. But these are white lies. It is an interest that God love.

peaceful coexistence between religions, a way towards a real and effective reconciliation

National reconciliation on which the Government now called, is not only a religious necessity, but a humanitarian need, social, cultural, psychological and even economic. That said, Ivorian expensive, true national reconciliation Ivory Coast could be a reality so quickly
we never sensitized Ivorian through media, schools, mosques and churches on spiritual and moral values ​​of their religions. It is a divine principle established to facilitate peaceful coexistence between religions.

To be continued