Abidjan – Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mamadou Coulibaly Sangafowa exchanged Tuesday with a delegation from the American company AGCO, a specialist in agricultural machinery, on the project “farm of the future”, including the whereabouts and the implementation schedule. Received in audience by the Minister Sangafowa, his cabinet to the plate, the head of the delegation, Steve Clarke (Vice President Strategic Marketing and Brand Governance) has meant that the “future of the farm ” falls as part of the modernization of agriculture through mechanization, to ensure food security. It is based, he added, on an inclusive approach to the state, community and private companies in education to mechanization. Noting that the Government has a good agricultural policy is a basis for a possible partnership, he stressed that after the surveys carried out in the field, the towns of Yamoussoukro and Dabou are full of diverse and significant potential for the realization of this project. for the Minister this project that was presented during the required government seminar Monday requires great interest, “it is a project to revolutionize agriculture,” he said, wishing it to be carried out on a site that shows producers how to “remove constraints” that have to them. He also said that the department is willing to find an ideal site for the implementation of the ‘future farm “, and instructed his staff to prepare a timetable in collaboration with the delegation of AGCO, emphasizing its actual achievement this year.