Abidjan (Ivory Coast) – The Ivorian opposition will participate in the constitutional reforms to be launched during the year by the government, announced Tuesday night in Abidjan spokeswoman Djedje Boni Claverie. “We were very sensitive to the congratulations that have been addressed by Prime Minister Jeannot Ahoussou to congratulate the opposition to have been able to participate and lead to elections that are alleviated, “said Boni Claverie Djedje after the resumption of political dialogue between the government and opposition. According to her, the most salient points of the meeting were the preparation for parliamentary elections. In this regard, Ms. Djedje said without details that the opposition has raised some concerns. “We were also reassured by the decision of the government pool to involve the opposition to the reforms to come to know also the constitutional referendum and the electoral code,” she added, noting the availability of these opposition “bridges and power in this way to bring reconciliation.” as for the release of political prisoners, the opposition asked that the “government Pusse make a strong gesture that could free the majority of political prisoners.” “We want it to be the whole of the political prisoners,” added Ms. Djedje. She said the Prime Minister Jeannot Ahoussou reassured that this’ dynamic will continue. ” Financially, the opposition reiterated that it has an” exceptional funding given to us slice by slice. ” But, said Djedje Boni Claverie, “our concern is also to benefit from substantial funding for democracy Pusse practice in legislative and that we could competir with the best weapons.”Earlier, Prime Minister Jeannot Ahousou said he “thanked the opposition for its major role in the context of the presidential election held no hurt, no victim.” “We have asked the opposition to continue to contribute to strengthening democracy, “he concluded. Launched in 2012, the political dialogue between the government and the power was interrupted last September.