News that should please the coffee amateur: a recent Japanese study showed that three cups daily would protect from cervical cancer. Conducted by scientists from the National Center against the Tokyo cancer, she found that women who drank at least three cups a day have a 60% lower risk compared to those who do drink occasionally.

This study followed 54,000 women aged 40 to 69 years for 15 years. Researchers have separated into four groups depending on the number of cups they drank and frequency. They found that women who drank the most coffee had a 60% chance of developing cervical cancer less compared to those who drank less than two cups a week.According to researchers, the coffee would reduce insulin levels, which would reduce the risk of developing cancer of the cervix. In France, this disease affects 3,300 women and causes 1,000 deaths a year, according to figures from the French College of Gynecologists and Obstetricians (CNGOF). Cancer of the cervix linked to infection with human papillomavirus (HPV) is a sexually transmitted genital infection. There are two vaccines against cervical cancer prevention. They are recommended for girls 14 years before the start of sexual intercourse. Reimbursed at 65%, they can also be administered in “catch up” for young women 15 to 23 years.