In theory and in practice, all members of the community (Ummah) of Muhammad are brothers.
This fraternity has its origin in the affiliation of men to Adam and Eve and is sanctioned by the Islamic faith in the One God and His Prophet and by the practice of acts of adherence and abstinence thereunder.‘Verily the believers are brothers’ , says God in His Holy Book (XLIX). Furthermore, concerning the disbelievers who convert and repent, he will say for believers: “… If they repent and observe Prayer and properly fulfill zakah, and they will become your brothers in faith ‘ . Any differences that may exist between believers (fortune, nobility, power, etc.) are abolished by the indissoluble bond of religious brotherhood. The best, the noblest, the most deserving will be one that will be more awe (taqwa) vis-à-vis the Creator. So more respect, more respect, more respect for his brothers and sisters, the believing men and women. Whatever may be their race, language, land they inhabit. For brotherhood in God laughs at the imaginary boundary established by the men and all the apparent differences between the son of Adam. O men! proclaims the Quran, We created you from a male and a female and have made ​​you into nations and tribes so that you may know. Verily, the most honorable of you with Allah is the one of you who is the most pious ” (XLIX, 13). In the freshly converted to Islam Arabs who could not accept freed slaves and people of humble circumstances might be equal and their brethren, God’s Messenger declares peremptorily: ‘God, in truth, has freed you from the beautiful pagan pre-Islamic (Jahiliyya) and pride by the ancestors. Today, two things: believing pious or evil reprobate. You are all from Adam, and Adam is from earth … ‘. The brotherhood of believers is a living fraternity active. She wants love, help, compassion, help, solidarity … It is present in happiness as in misfortune. Loving in the Love of God and His Prophet, believers form one building, one body. A joy or a pain reaches one of them, and here they are felt. The Prophet compared them to human body. If only one part of it is ill, everything else suffers from fever and insomnia. He has also represented as the stones of a building that reinforce and support each other. All Muslims must assist and respect. The Apostle of God says: ‘A Muslim is a brother to a Muslim. It is not unfair to him, he does not leave (his enemies), he will not despise. Simply as sin for man to despise his Muslim brother. A Muslim is entirely sacred to the Muslim: his blood, his property, his honor. ‘ The one another, believers are mirrors, lights secourables. By advising each other by ignoring the kinks and through each, avoiding to harm and pain, they increase in strength and power, inspired fear and respect their enemies. And there also for them a great way to bring relief: help one another to do evil. One day, the Messenger of God – subtle and prominent educator – said to someone, emergency door to your brother, it is unfair or oppressed! ‘ This formula was the slogan of the pre-Islamic Arabs, and the man to whom spoke the apostle could therefore not be surprised that in a good believer. ‘O Messenger of God,’ said he, we knew how to help him when he is oppressed, but how so when it is unfair! ? ‘. ‘ In preventing it from being ‘  ! he replied. So must be the true brotherhood of Islam. Without fear or reproach, or complacency. Truth and justice before everything, even (and especially) when there is a dispute between a Muslim and non-Muslim. To illustrate the true image of Islam in its native beauty. Believers have more rights over each other: s ‘go and get salvation, respond to the invitation in case of feast, visit the sick, attend funerals, etc. more brethren, yet more believers will be those who will share the food and all the necessary things of life, when it is needed. We know that at the beginning of the Hegira the Prophet had established bonds of brotherhood between mouhadjirin (Makkan emigrants) and the Ansar (Muslims of Medina). History has preserved examples of this fraternity dedication, love and sacrifice quite remarkable. ‘The food a person can two … “, says the hadith. The culmination of this fraternity, c’ Love is in God (al-fil-h’oubb AHL), the highest degree of faith. For the true believer loves (and hates) to God. Far from any worldly consideration. At this final stage, it will taste the flavor of faith, reveling in the comfort of freshness … And in this vast field of brotherhood and solidarity, emulation is still required: ‘When two people love each other in God, the most expensive of them, in the eyes of God is the one who loves most ardently his companion ‘, reports the Tradition. Transcendent majestically racial affiliations, ethnic, linguistic and other Islam religion voluntary submission to God alone with no partner, renews the original pure faith the original brotherhood of all son of Adam and Eve.