The last weekend’s Muslim community celebrated the forty years of community life of the Association of Students of Muslims in Ivory Coast (AEEMCI). The history of this association is closely linked to the history of the construction of modern Islam in Ivory Coast as actors on the one hand and the other hand, institutions are linked. So much so that the balance of AEEMCI is quite comparable to the history record of the construction of the Muslim community during the last forty years. Our testimony. The Association of Muslim pupils and students of the Ivory Coast (the AEEMCI) has just turned forty candles last week. During his forty years of existence, despite the problems inherent to youth organizations, despite the ambient political and administrative obstacles, adversity of the social environment, and despite the lack of financial and material resources, the AEEMCI was able to build, remain constant and become fixture in the landscape of our great organization Ouma. The institution is everywhere in Ivory Coast in all schools. Plans to build a Muslim community uncomplexed in practicing the faith has attracted more than one, in the subregion. Indeed, its influence and its ability to mobilize inspired several Muslim youths in African countries. As proof the scheme of organization was copied by many Muslim youths across the continent. Especially in the West African subregion.

Social Security Touré Vassiriki. (2) Pioneers Pioneers trainers Trainers are the very people who have spontaneously responded to the desire to learn and know in depth the teachings of Islam among young students. With a simple and accessible language, they were able to frame the members AEEMCI. Most of them from Arab countries, they had to make significant efforts to master the French language to better communicate with students. They had even put their hands in their pockets to fulfill their missions throughout the country. While depriving their homes of their presence on weekends. Cheick Aima Boikary Fofana, current president of COSIM embodies that race of pioneers trainers. The meeting between the founders and pioneers trainers, and understanding them were the foundation on which the AEEMCI has managed to build itself while becoming the foster mother of all other Muslim organizations Ivorian and West African. This meeting between the Western and Eastern intellectuals produced a specific Islamic organizational culture Ivory Coast based on the seven following qualities:

(1) Solidarity in the complex and difficult environment

(2) flexibility in determining

(3) Self-sacrifice and courage

(4) Team spirit and sacrifice

(5) An Ivorian playing Islam a human, romantic and modern environment compatible with a secular, multi-ethnic, multi-religious and democratic.

(6) A healthy appreciation of forces and

(7) The solidarity of generations Solidarity generations allowed to pass smoothly over a generation of young professionals, young preachers and imams from 80-90 years.

These contemporary heirs alive today effectively structures such as Lipci, 3A, and the AJMCI TMDI. The working combination of these three main actors gave undeniable achievements in the Muslim community in Ivory Coast, in the sub-region and Francophonie. ten major achievements could be cited here:

(1) The creation of COSIM and CNI for the organization of Imams and associations

(2) The return of the organization HADJ community

(3) The launch of SIFRAM and CIMEF for the training of African and Francophone association leaders

(4) radio Al Bayan and Islam Info for training and information to Muslim worshipers

(6) the creation of 3iA for the training of imams

(7) the Great mosque in Plateau full business district of the Ivorian economic capital

(8) obtaining government of holidays for the Maoulid celebration and the day after the night of Destiny

(10) the opening of a Consulate General for JEDDAH monitoring and mentoring thousands of pilgrims to the annual Hadj certainly … A Strong record. The most important is to face now to history, to new concerns and requirements not only of Muslim youth, but also the entire Muslim community. We will return next week In CHA ALLAH.