– Because of the Quraysh pact
– From their [about] the winter and summer trips pact.
– Let them worship the Lord of this House (the Ka’bah).
– Who fed them against hunger and reassurance from fear (Qur’an 106)

These verses tell us about the trade that the Meccans kept in winter and summer,
sometimes to Syria and now to Yemen. The Prophet (saw) had undertaken such trips with his
uncle Abu Talib while he was still a young child.

Marriage of the Prophet (saw)

Khadija was a wealthy shopping Mecca. She had heard about the seriousness
of Muhammad and his honesty. She knew the value of the first men because as a wise shopping, it dealt business with them and, then, she had been married twice. Her husband died, she remained a widow. One day Abu Talib said to his nephew: “I am a man without fortune, times got tough for us, we were tormented by these years of misery, and we have no material possessions or goods. This woman, Khadija, send men of your people to do business with his fortune and they earn a profit. So if it comes to you, show him your honesty. ”
She therefore appealed to Muhammad to lead a caravan to the north and south of the
Arabian Peninsula.

So time went to Mecca until the day Have Sayida Khadija had confided to a friend Nafisa bint Muniyyah. She had expressed her desire to marry Muhammad. Thus it was that this friend had taken the necessary steps and obtained his consent.

The marriage was solemnized in the presence of families and friends. Khadija was 40 years old when she married him, and he was 25. She gave him 2 sons, Al-Qasim, Abdullah (bottom dead age), and four daughters: Zainab, exorcism in islam, Umm Kulthum, and Fatima .

The revelation

The Arabian Peninsula was plunged into idolatry and Mecca was the place where converged all tribes. They come every year and gathered around the Kaaba. This ancient house had become a pagan center for many centuries. Muhammad fled adoration and love refuge annually in the cave of Hira. There, he pondered the mystery of the universe, observing its spread across the vast desert and the light of stars. He felt he was behind and above these areas, an invisible force which organized and managed them. He remained until the age of forty.

Meanwhile, Khadija encouraged periodic isolation of her husband and brought him his
support. It was during the night of destiny, that Muhammad (saw), aged 40, had received the Revelation. God had chosen to be the last Messenger.

When the Prophet (saw) knew the fear and doubt of his mental faculties, because of the supernatural apparition of the archangel Gabriel, it was to Khadija he fled and confided. As she was for him a great help and a great comfort. It was to her that he was arming of patience and took courage for the rest days were over as the angel Gabriel sent him the order of the Lord of the universe, Arise and warn people. Called to worship God and Him alone. But that he would appeal and would answer his call?


In accordance with instructions received from God, the Prophet (saw) began preaching in
calling on members of his family and even his close friends, to embrace Islam. It goes without saying that membership should bring together men and women sincere and honest. The appeal was heard by a handful of people whose ambition and pride not darkened mind.

Have Sayida Khadija, wife of the Prophet (saw) was the first Muslim history. From the
first moment, she knew that her vision in the cave of Hira was the prelude to his mission
prophetic. She was confined not only to believe in the message revealed to Muhammad, but it brought him his moral and material support.

Have Sayida Khadija, energetic and talented woman of good sense, was how to appease the anguish of her husband and infuse courage when she felt his power was weakening. His insight let him know that a man, as pure and as perfect as it could not be the plaything of satanic maneuvers. Continued …

By Imam Imam Al Meité