do not know how you say it. Generally, loyal imams think we know
everything and we are free from error in our lives. So it is very difficult for us to seek the advice of others on a topic of current life. But I must do it, so is
the future of my children. My kids are closer to their mother and I have a feeling that they are afraid of me, they avoid me at most. After analysis, I realized that I dug this ditch us. I want to address it but do not know how.

Communication is the best tool for exchange between person to break more of a barrier.
Unlike information that is united sense, communication is between a sender and a
receiver through a channel using a code perceptible by both parties. I will
explain for you to understand the process. And in the family, communication is the
best weapon between parents and children to convey a good education.

A bad father role design

The father is the authority but by the dictator. In the d evelopment psychological child, the father has a great responsibility. The father is the authority that allows limited
the child in a canvas, it is the first censorship of the child. It is not by blows or cries but the mere presence of the father stands for order. This is the father to combine this status with that of friend child, he will gain more.
In some cultures, the role of fathers in child rearing is limited. Generally, in many culture, education of children enrolled in the role of mother. Unconsciously or consciously of this heavy responsibility and the permanent contact with his children, communication is established between mother and child. We expect the father to discipline his children severely, full stop. George, an African, explains: “For us, the fathers do not play with
their children for fear of losing their authority. Personally, I have always struggled to treat my son as a friend.”

To be continued