The military prosecutor requested Abidjan Tuesday, February 16 prison “forever” against two officers loyal to former President Laurent Gbagbo. These are tried for the murder in 2002 of General Robert Guei, former head of the junta in the Ivory Coast.

Anselme Seka Yapo the commander, former chief of the bodyguards of the former first lady Simone Gbagbo and Brunot Dogbo Blé General, former commander of the Republican Guard , are accused of “murder and complicity in murder” before the Abidjan military tribunal that judges since January 25 .

The General Guei, 61 , was shot dead on 19 September 2002, the day of a failed coup against Gbagbo in Abidjan that had led to the northern takeover and the west by the rebellion . Members of his family and his bodyguard were murdered the same day.

“It’s Gbagbo gave its green light”

“It’s Séka who shot Guei after killing (…) he executed his wife,” said in his indictment Colonel Ange Kessi. “I demand life imprisonment against this liar, this predator who executed a plan set up by the highest authorities including Laurent Gbagbo,” he said.

“This is Gbagbo who has given the green light (to the murder), he (Gbagbo) knew it,” insisted the military prosecutor who also asked the “life” against General Brunot Dogbo Ble, called a “repeat offender” .

Speech for the defense Wednesday 

Nicknamed “lattice Santa the” General Guei had led the junta after the coup of 24 December 1999. He was defeated by Laurent Gbagbo in the 2000 presidential and ousted by street while trying to maintain it.

“This trial has hardly helped the manifestation of the truth,” responded one of the defense lawyers, Rodrigue Dadjé before the defense argument scheduled for Wednesday.