Mayor Attécoubé was face to the people of Jerusalem last Saturday at Youth center on the occasion of the presentation of New Year wishes of business in all parts of his commune. People who congratulated Danho Paulin for this initiative, have, through the voice of their spokesmen, our collaborator Treta Zoumana submitted some concerns that summarize the phenomenon of germs, drugs, wastewater and septic systems; and roads. In return, the Danho mayor thanked his countrymen for their wishes and prayers to his place, gave them a message of hope. “The fourth bridge will open up Jerusalem with more structural ways that will give value to your neighborhood. This will enable remediation work to provide a better living environment. For security, we will increase the fuel allowance of the police to deter troublemakers with more increased patrols day and night. ” Finally, he urged women and young people to get in touch with its services to benefit from the project financing funds, not without wishing a happy new year to valiant people of Jerusalem.