Wabash-Chiril ladzîna Amanou wa amiloûs sôlihâti year-nal lahoum djan Natin-Taji min tahtihal an’hârou, koullamâ rouzqoû minha min tsamârâtin rizquan, qualoû hâdzâl ladzî rouzqounâ quablou nin wa Utu Bihi moutachâ bihan, walahoum fiha azwâdjin moutôh-harâtoun, wa houm fiha khâlidoûna. (25)

In-nal Laha Lâ yastahî Any yadriba matsalan ma baoûdôtin Fama fawquahâ, fa Ammal ladzîna Amanou Faya-haq alamoûna an’nahoum Qu min rabbihim, wa Ammal ladzîna kafaroû fayaqoûloûna Madza arâdal Lahou bi Hadza matsalan, youdul-lou Bihi Bihi katsîran wa yahdî katsîran , Wama youdullou Bihi IIIa fâssiquîna. (26)


Advertisement 25- to those who believe and do good works that they shall have gardens beneath which rivers flow; every faith they shall be given a garden of fruit they will say, “this is what we had been served before.”Now it’s a few things similar (only the form); they will have pure spouses, and there they shall abide.

26- Allah is not ashamed to make an example of anything: a mosquito or anything at all over; when the believer they know it is the truth from their Lord; when the infidels, they ask, “What does Allah mean by this example? “By this, many people to go astray and many He guides; but He misleads by cele as perverse.