When a man decides to commit to a stable and lasting relationship, which means for him “to a woman WIFE” , he expects of course that its future partner has certain qualities.

Here are the top 10 criteria that best reflect what people want most from a woman in the formation of a couple and of course … the term!

A man couple expects his wife:

That he be faithful

The man must be sure that his wife will be a faithful companion and not deceive him in any way.

It respects the

Men hate women who cry over their day long, or worse, insulting them or trying to make the change to the “format” in their image.

It is honest

Men do not support the lies of any kind from their wives. They want to have beside them a woman who tells the truth, even if sometimes it is difficult to hear.

He can trust her

Men need a woman who can play the role of a true friend and accomplice at once. A woman who is able to listen to them without judging them, on which they know they can rely at all times. A woman who trusted them and vice versa.

It supports the

A man likes a woman with whom he can share his dreams. A woman who supports him in his projects and encourages it to continue even and especially in difficult times.

Whether in love with him

Men want a woman who loves them, expressing their feelings, and that they can express theirs.

She is smiling and cheerful

The bitterness and bad humor are things that a man appreciates a woman, on the contrary even! He wants a partner with which it can laugh, have fun and spend pleasant moments.