They were expected , they responded positively to the call of the sports world in the Ivory Coast , as friends and supporters of Ivorian Taekwondo worldwide . In Agadir in Morocco earth if Zokou Saint Nom Firmin went right by qualifying for the 2016 Olympics in 80 kg when he was given enough hope to Ivorian saw the correction which it has imposed on Malawi ( 23-5 ) in the quarterfinals , this is not the case for GBAGBI Ruth Marie and Christelle KONE Mamina . They have proven that they well deserved their selection in the national team to face the qualifying tournament for the Olympic Games held in the Africa Zone 6 and 7 February 2016 .

A week we saw Gbagbi Ruth and Koné Mamina unleashed rage and crazy . Ruth a big day did not gift to his three opponents. Technical and very smart , she was able to impose his game . Speeding and when to breaking the rhythm of the fight when necessary .

Keneyanne before the quarter-final , Ruth gave no chance to his opponent she beat by a large score , 14 to 1. In his second fight , it is feared that too much energy she debauchery provided his first fight plays against it. Before the Gabonese semi final step for determining qualified , Ruth made ​​him bite the dust . None of the strategies put in place to trap the captain of the Ivorian team succeeds , saw the fire and the aggressiveness that emerges . Ruth , elusive beats Gabon by a final score of 14-5 .

At this level of competition, Ivory Coast gets his second qualification for the 2016 Olympics, after that of Cheick Cisse Sallah Junior. But lorsqu’arrive the final GBAGBI out again all the stops and puts a strain Egyptian champion which, despite its large size and beautiful technique, fails to react to the onslaught of the Ivorian champion. Again, Ruth is master of the game and defeated the Egyptian 10 to 4. In addition to the pocket in qualifying, Gbagbi Ruth is champion of the -67kg category. An impressive and pleasant journey.

As for KONE Mamina when crossing swords with the Malian champion in the semi final she showed a lot of aggression. This makes it difficult for her yet more technical opponent. Mali is struggling to deploy her game. Mamina constant in his rage and aggressiveness keeps the pressure and won the match by 3 to 1. Our Abobolaise qualified in turn for the Olympics 2016. While we believe the exhausted and diminished, but no. She controls her final against the Moroccan champion before his audience. Each technique used by Moroccan, Mamina is against the attack. She rages at some point and becomes increasingly feisty. Moroccan do not understand what is happening on the ground and eventually be exhausted by fatigue, collapsing at times. The Moroccan is beaten by the Ivorian Koné 1 to 0. Mamina is not only qualified for the Olympics, but in addition, it is Gold medal of 67 kg. It’s delirium in the stadium INBIAAT Agadir.

Ivory Coast presents three athletes in the tournament of the African Zone qualifying with the Olympics in Rio De Janeiro 2016 and two calls for BRAZIL. Zokou Firmin will not have the chance to be there because it is braked by the Nigerian Alfaga champion in the semi finals as he showed good technical and tactical arrangements to face Malawi. The Ivorians have dreamed Zokou. A dream not a reality. He must be content with a bronze medal as a consolation. But despite the bad no Zokou Firmin, Côte d’Ivoire and all those who support the FITKD (Ivorian Taekwondo Federation) can thank the Lord for this wonderful result obtained by Moroccan land. God did not make that two qualified for the Ivorian Taekwondo, he also allowed Côte d’Ivoire to win two significant titles, namely the title of Champion Lady of the African qualifying tournament and the title of best athlete Gbagbi lady won by Ruth Marie Christelle.

The Ivorian Taekwondo triumphed in Agadir. Twice the Abidjanaise and sounded twice, the flag with vertical stripes, orange, white and green is mounted very high. It’s fabulous, it’s wonderful. It is heartening to see these efforts rewarded, all those sleepless nights and insomnia forgotten. God is good for listening to the prayers of the Ivorian Taekwondo ins community of Ivory Coast and elsewhere.

Subsequently, these are the preparations for RIO DE JANEIRO and ensure that the Ivorian Taekwondo is well represented in Brazil and brings at least one Olympic medal in the Ivory Coast in August 2016.

Armand Tanoh with Communication Service of the Ivorian Taekwondo Federation