The UN Security Council has “strongly condemned the launch” of a rocket by North Korea on Sunday and pledged to “rapidly adopt a new resolution,” in the works for several weeks, to increase penalties against Pyongyang.

This is “dangerous and serious violations” of UN resolutions that prohibit Pyongyang any nuclear or ballistic activity under penalties.

China has endorsed this largely symbolic declaration Sunday but gave no indication that she was ready to significantly increase the pressure on its ally.

Negotiations between Washington and Beijing over a new resolution stalled because of Chinese reticence.

For the Chinese ambassador Liu Jieyi, the resolution will “reduce tension, work towards denuclearization and maintain peace and stability and promote a negotiated solution.”

His Russian counterpart Vitaly Churkin called for a resolution “reasonable, (…) that does not lead to economic collapse of the Korea of the North”, a Beijing obsessions.

According to the Council, the North Korean shot “used ballistic missile technology.” It contributes “to the development by North Korea of ​​nuclear weapon delivery systems”, that is to say, of intercontinental missiles with nuclear warheads capable of reaching the United States.

The shooting, which sparked an international outcry, sounds like a new challenge launched by the communist regime after its nuclear test already January 6 and may increase tensions on the Korean peninsula.

The fact that the last stage of the rocket equipped with a satellite has managed to reach its orbit could not be confirmed. But a US defense official said a machine seemed “to win space.”

A presenter of the North Korean state television said that this shooting, personally ordered by leader Kim Jong-Un, had allowed “to place in orbit successfully our observation satellite of the Earth Kwangmyong 4”.

North Korea is simply exercising its legitimate right to use “peaceful and independent” of space, she added.

Pyongyang maintains that its space program is purely scientific but the international community accuses cover and ballistic missile tests.

– Convictions –

The convictions were quick.

US Secretary of State John Kerry, who spoke by telephone with his Japanese and South Korean counterparts Sunday, denounced a “flagrant violation” of UN resolutions, Tokyo shot “absolutely intolerable”, a Moscow act “very damaging” London has condemned “strongly”.

The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon held shooting “deeply regrettable”, the secretary general of NATO Jens Stoltenberg has called on North Korea to “refrain from further provocative action” while the President south Korean Park Geun-Huye demanded “strong punitive measures” and that Paris required a “rapid and severe response from the international community.”

US and South Korean defense officials have announced the immediate opening of talks on the deployment in South Korea of ​​a US missile defense system.

“It is time to move forward on this issue,” said General