My story is a little complicated and I need advice and support. I do not know who to turn to because I am also ashamed of my behavior. Thank you for reading me. I am a 32 year old woman and I have been married for 5 years. We were very much in love and have been 3 years together before marriage.

At the beginning of our relationship, it was magical and very beautiful, but two years into our marriage, there was still no baby. It must be said that we expected the marriage before having and now we are ready not you get there. It was becoming worrisome but we thought that things would work out. After a few months, still nothing, I did the tests and everything we asked but I could not get pregnant. It must be said that in Africa, one assimilates infertility and sterility in women. I never understood why. Then silence began to settle in our marriage, disputes, misunderstanding …

Everyone tried to fill this gap, we went out each of his side or even being at home, if it is in the living room watching TV I stayed locked in the room. There was this joy, this communication complicity. When trying to speak it will not end disputes. We no longer understand and I was tired. Some months later we decided to talk and settle this in the name of our love, the couple name. We decided to save our relationship and find a solution to our problem. After my beautiful family began to interfere.

My in-laws decided to take a new wife for him. The irony is that I accepted the idea without even thinking about what I could feel, without thinking at all what we experienced in our relationship. Ok, I had no choice, I continued to do the treatments without informing. The lives of three was unbearable, really. I started out with my friends, I was hit on me all the time without failure.

During my trips in a restaurant with my friends, I made a new meeting. I admit that this man tapped me in the eye. He is charming, kind, gentle, respectful, everything I needed right now. It was at that moment that I began a double life. Stop supporting this, I decided to break with my husband. For that, I took my courage because I do not want to see him suffer, but it had to end this situation. So I told my husband that we can not continue to live like that and I want to break.

He refused and said he could not bear to lose me, to live without me. I am currently pregnant with my lover and it is close to my wife. I really need your friend (s), for your testimony. What should I do? Help me.