The opening ceremony of the 8th Ordinary Session of the Council of Ministers of the Council of the Agreement, preparatory to the 3rd Summit Conference of Heads of State and Government, held Friday, February 5, 2016 in Abidjan, was marked by speech Ally Coulibaly, Minister of African Integration and Ivorians from the outside. It reiterated the commitment of Côte d’Ivoire to its relations with Member States of the Council of the Entente (Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Niger and Togo), as well as of the entire sub-region.
in his speech, the Minister said Ally Coulibaly Ivory Coast is a country that lives regional integration everyday by the presence on its soil of populations from all over the world, including neighboring countries. “With such diversity, it can be argued, without any boasting, that part of the destiny of each of the Entente Council countries play in Ivory Coast. Therefore, the relationship of the Ivory Coast with its neighbors will never banal, because of the links that unite us. Links that are those of the heart and mixed feelings. (…) We have a moral obligation to do nothing that might compromise agreement which is the reason of being in this organization. In disputes, dialogue remains the only way of settlement, “said the Minister for Integration and Ivorians from the outside.
Turning to the subject of the meeting of the day, Ally Coulibaly told the meeting: “We find ourselves (…) to consider the budget of our common Institution. (…) Without prejudging what the ministers will decide at the end of their discussions, I can say that the budget on which we are called to vote we designed in the rules of art. As each of us will recognize, it is balanced and it is serious. So we do not have much difficulties to adopt. ” According to him, such a thing was not possible there are still a few years where this tool was at sixes and sevens, because of poor management and an opaque management.
He continued by pointing out that the institution collects dividends remedial measures that were enacted and implemented carefully by the new leaders. To support this new situation, he noted: “States fulfill their obligations by paying their dues, even if we can still deplore some delays. The assets in foreign banks were recovered. ”
For the Minister Ally Coulibaly, the most pressing challenges are the fight against terrorism and illegal immigration, the preservation of democracy and good governance.
Following him , Aïchatou Boulama Kane, president of the Council of Ministers of the Council of the Entente, also Foreign Minister of Niger, said that aside from knowing the budget execution report 2016, other items on the agenda daily work is the adoption of the progress report of the Executive Secretariat, the report of the 9th ordinary meeting of the Committee of experts, the deliberations and decisions of the Council of Ministers, the review of the Regional training Centre for records road maintenance (Cerfer) and the draft agenda of the 3rd Summit Conference of heads of State and Government.