The National Committee for Remote Sensing and Geographic Information held yesterday at its premises located in Cocody, a press-conference record. An opportunity for its CEO, Dr Edward Fonh-Gbéi, to announce major projects for the year 2016. The Director General Edouard-Fonh Gbéi found broad implementation of innovative solutions to issues such as rural land, the smart cities, space surveillance of land and tourism. He said that the structure is working with its partners to offer this year a complete solution for smart cities. Indeed, this project called “emerging cities” not only provides the network infrastructure, but also a set of ready-made solutions. For rural land, the CNTIG going to contribute its latest generation technologies to identify, define and map the land. The director general of CNTIG informed that other projects, such as location-based tablet, the Geoportal and Co-organization of the exhibition of Geomatics 2016 and the World meeting of Chartered Surveyors (FIG) in Abidjan, are planned for 2016. Even before the CEO took stock of CNTIG activities that enabled the structure increased the volume of business and to be “budget-less.” At the conference, Dr. Edward Fonh-Gbéi presented the latest technologies available to CNTIG.