Tuesday, May 28 at 11:18, the Kaaba was under the sun. As noted by the blog Al-Kanz.org  dedicated to Muslim consumerism, the astronomical event occurs twice a year. Approaching the zenith of Mecca, the star is found in fact to the vertical of the Kaaba. Centre of the earthly world, the sacred cube stands in the middle of the Holy Mosque in Mecca. It is to him that every day turn hundreds of millions of Muslims worldwide. To pray, certainly, but also to make supplications ( du’a ), and, during the pilgrimage, moving from state toihlâl to that of Ihram  (ritual consecration) and vice versa. It was towards the Kaaba although there directs the head of the animal to be sacrificed in the name of the Almighty, and you turn the face of the deceased before the burial.This direction is called the qibla . An important direction to the point that Muslims were able to designate themselves as the “People of the Qibla  and communion” ( Ahl al-Qibla wa-l-Jama’ah ). Yet it is in a different direction, in the early days of the Revelation, the Prophet and the faithful turned: toward Jerusalem. It was, moreover, the qibla  Jewish, and also that of the early Christians (Essenes, Nestorians and Jacobites). One had to follow the prophet Daniel three times a day by his prayer, as reported in the Old Testament (Daniel , VI: 11).
Change of qibla  AH
Islam is in the tradition of the religions of the Book, it was natural that theqibla  of Jews and Christians was also one of the first Muslims. It was significant, however, that when he was in Mecca, the Prophet was watching, praying in the direction of Jerusalem, that the Kaaba is always located in front of him. The Kaaba, the sacred place of the polytheistic Arabs, was also a Muslim holy place which still did not know: Was not Abraham himself, assisted by his son Ishmael, the father of the Arabs, who had built it? Also, is the name of this same Abrahamic tradition, which explains that Jerusalem was a  qibla , the Kaaba will become one in turn. In reality, become the: it was that of Abraham, says al-Tibrizi exegete. And Islam’s return to the purity of the original monotheism, that of Abraham. Located in Medina, the young Muslim community did not need to be distinguished from polytheists of Mecca. But “we had set the direction in which you get initially Orientais as to distinguish those who follow the Prophet of those who turn away from him” ( Koran , II: 143). This change of  qibla  was held a little less than a year and a half after the Hijra. The exegete al-Baydhawi reports that at a collective prayer, Muhammad had made ​​the first half of the prayer of the early afternoon prayer toward Jerusalem, and the second in that of Mecca. The mosque of the Banu Salima in which this prayer was made ​​took the name of Masjid al-Qiblatayn, the “Mosque of the Two Qiblas”.
“Wherever you are, God will bring you all to Him”
The questions of the faithful “? Who turned them from the direction they were moving in prayer,” God replies “Tell them:” East and West also belong to God, who leads whom He will to the right way ‘ “( Koran , II: 143). As He urged: “So turn your face towards the Sacred Mosque [O Muhammad]! ! And you, believers, wherever you are, turn in the same direction “But probably this change of qibla  he is to bring men to realize that, ultimately, only actions count” to each a direction he is moving to fulfill his prayer. But the key is to try to outdo yourself each other in the performance of good, -. Because, wherever you are, God will bring you all to Him “