Koul Lama aradhoû year yakhroudjoû min ha-min gammine or-Idou fiha wazoûqoû Azabal harîqui. (22)

Innal Laha youdh-khiloul ladzîna Amanou wa amiloûs sôlihâti djannâtine tadjrî mine tahtihal year-HAROU youhallawna fiha mine assâwira mine dzahabine wa lou-lou-year or, wa libâssouhoum fiha harîroune. (23)


(22) Every time they wish to get out (to escape) to distress, there will give them and (they will): “Taste the punishment of burning.”

(23) Indeed, Allah will admit those who believe and have good works to gardens beneath which rivers flow.There they will be adorned with bracelets of gold and pearls; and their clothing will be of silk.

To be continued