The Muslim scholar Ayoub did Sakhtinyaani (died 131 AH) said: “The fact that Allah guides him to a scholar versed in the Sunnah is part of the
success of a young person. “(Narrated in Sharh Usoolis of alLaalikaa’ee-Sunnah (no.30).

A bright young in the worship of Allah and frequent virtuous people is a great blessing of Allah, because it is in youth that a person is most vulnerable to the
temptations and the most likely to go astray the right path. This is evident when looking at the society around us and we see that most activities like
music, gaming, nightlife, fashion, etc., are aimed first and foremost youth. “We have only one youth,” one hears often repeated, and this is why so many young Muslims today think they begin to pray, they will make the Hajj, that they will dress modestly, etc., when they are older, as if Allah had guaranteed them that they would live long! As we would be wise to consider the advice of the Prophet (saw) when he said: “Enjoy five things before five: your
youth Vant your old age, your health before there comes sickness, your wealth
before there comes poverty, your free time efore you get too busy, and your life before your death. “(Reported by Ibn Abbas and collected in al-Hakim and others).