By studying a planet believed to be orphaned, astronomers made the discovery of a planetary system, the largest ever observed.

We thought the planet orphan 2MASS J2126, sailing in the space without a star, but a team of astronomers has just made ​​an incredible discovery. This planet has a star, located billions of kilometers. In fact, it is the discovery of the planetary system the largest ever observed.

Discovery of a unique planetary system
The study of a planet leads to the discovery of the “largest ever discovered planetary system,” according to officials astronomers of this discovery, a team of Australian researchers, American and British University of Hertfordshire, England.
The existence of the planet 2MASS J2126 and the star TYC 9486-927-1 was well known but this is the first time scientists set a gravitational link between them. “We have long known the two stars but nobody until now had spotted the link between them,” said Niall Deacon, head of the study. Both stars are very distant from one another, about 1000 billion kilometers (7,000 times the distance between the Sun and Earth), so that puts the planet 900,000 years to make a turn around its star.

The planetary system keeps its secrets
2MASS J2126 The planet has a mass equivalent between 11.6 and 15 times that of Jupiter. “It is unlikely to find a trace of life, but if people were there (…) they could certainly not imagine that they are related to him”, like the Earth to the Sun, it read in the statement.

This planetary system recently unearthed remains a mystery to scientists. “But the question of how such a planetary system was formed and survived remains open”, said Simon Murphy of the Australian National University, who participated in the study. However it would be very different from our solar system, “It is impossible for the system to be formed in the same way that our solar system, from a broad disk of dust and gas”, stated Dr. Murphy of Australian National University.