The General Directorate of the Treasury and Public Accounting (DGTCP) organizes since Thursday, January 28, 2016, at the Hotel President in Yamoussoukro, his seminar 2015 report and outlook 2016. The workshop was opened by Mr. Adama Coulibaly, Director Cabinet, representing the Minister to the Prime Minister in charge of Economy and Finance. Regarding the balance sheet, showing that the 2015 Action Plan has been achieved up to 93.53%, therefore, up compared to of the previous year (92.07%). M. Adama Coulibaly welcomed with appreciation the contribution of the Ministry of Economy and Finance to achieving the objectives of the Government during the past year. “The sustained efforts of all departments of the Ministry and particularly the Public Treasury have achieved good economic performance with an expected growth rate to 8.5% in 2015, making the Ivory Coast one of the countries with highest economic growth rates in the world, “said the representative of the KONE Minister Adama. He said the Treasury took on the challenge of the payment on due date of receivables of economic operators to ensure private sector development and job creation. But better, he says, DGTCP was able to mobilize substantial resources in the financial market as regional and international levels to finance the 2015 budget in order to support major projects while ensuring the optimization of public spending. For Mr. Adama Coulibaly, commissioning up an effective management mechanism of debt helped keep the public deficit to 3.6% of GDP in 2015 and to contain the debt level of the country at 41.3% of GDP on period. In addition, with a view to improving the management of public finances, efforts included the implementation of the Single Treasury Account (CUT) in operationalization stage, he has noted . Before indicating that “this reform should enable the centralization of the treasury of the state on one account from which all payments should reduce prevarications and establish equity in access public accounting to the treasury. “Given the results, he urged the leaders of the Public Treasury to ensure consolidate gains by taking into account the key measures of President Alassane Ouattara of the Program contained in the Work Programme of the Government. On behalf of his colleague ASSAHORE Konan Jacques, Deputy Director General of the Treasury, Mr. Fofana Lassina (both representatives of the Director General of the Treasury and Public Accounting) held to reiterate his congratulations to the new Minister in charge of the Economy and Finance with the reforms and the spirit of innovation (in his capacity as DG Treasury) have contributed greatly to the reputation of the institution.