952 new police officers from the input direct support to the National Police School were presented to the national flag on Friday, attended by the Minister of State, Minister of the Interior and Security, Hamed Bakayoko and the Minister with the President of the Republic in charge of Defence, Alain Donwahi. This ceremony marks the end of the common basic training (FCB) was an opportunity for the Memiş, Hamed Bakayoko to address his congratulations to the new police have proof of endurance crossing all stages of military training. “You will be assessed regularly during your training; know that only the most deserving ingest the body of the police after the police training, “said Hamed Bakayoko Minister. He also revealed that the law of Programming of Internal Security Forces recently passed by the National Assembly provides for the strengthening Capacity of the National Police Academy and the creation of two new schools in the country for the training of police officers. “The new Police formed the Police Academy must inspire confidence in users of the service and be a model both in his professional life with his privacy, “insisted the Memiş. Hamed Bakayoko finally congratulated the Director of Training of the National School of Police and his staff for the printed rigorous training of students and all actions taken to improve the framework of the School. The 952 students Police presented the flag consist of 47 commissioners, 104 officers and 801 NCOs.