ENVIRONMENT – The Lake Poopó suffer from climate change and mining …

The Lake Poopó was considered the greatest of Bolivia (after Lake Titicaca), but in the space of twenty-five years, it has almost disappeared. The cause: drought linked to climate change and negligence of some 150 surrounding mining.

Eight tons of humanitarian aid to affected families

“This crisis is affecting many families living around Lake Poopó for generations. As it provided water for neighboring villages, “said in a statement relayed by Maxi Sciences, Vladimir Challa Huaca, spokesman of the provincial authority Poopó Lake (west). An authority that draws this week, the alarm bell, hoping to save a few square kilometers of water that can be reused again.

The Bolivian Vice Minister of Civil Defense has granted 8 tons of humanitarian aid to 739 families affected by drought, according to Reuters. Still, the population is forced to migrate and that according to the experts in charge of the conservation of species in the region, millions of fish and 500 birds would have died because of the drought.

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“In the 1990s, there were at least 2,000 square kilometers of water.After that, the level began to drop. In 1995, 1996, there were also dry, and the water evaporated, but it came back quickly, “recalls CBC News on Calle Valerio Rojas, fisherman who used to work in this area.

Evaporation of water three times faster than usual

If this lake located 3,700 meters above sea level has already experienced droughts, ecological disaster is more intense