An event of great importance took place Monday, January 25, 2016 at the Sea Club men Port of Abidjan. This is the establishment of a Committee of Integration Dockers charge to peacefully settle any possible crisis occur franchises in port of Abidjan or San Pedro.
They were all present or substantially different actors environment, demonstrating the importance of the ceremony. First Mourad Mohamed, DG Sempa who briefly spoke of a major breakthrough in the dispute resolution procedures in port Franchise Ivory Coast. He announced that in a few days, appropriate decisions will be taken with respect to certain current conflicts.
Simon Yoman, vice president of Sempa, said that its structure that manages the port labor has always worked in the context of improving the conditions of life and work of dockworkers. It is with this objective, he said, that the creation of the Committee is set up takes place.
As for Mamadou Soro, SG of the Central ‘Humanism’, he said this was a moment that his structure different defends dockers union was negotiating with employers to resolve by negotiation the crises that occurred in the different ports. Therefore, he welcomed the coming of the Integration Committee, which is for him a peace and reconciliation initiative in the sector. Mamadou Soro said all its expectations for the creation of this committee. He hoped that the committee in the coming days, is working hard to ensure that all comrades dockers who are subject to a suspension regain their card, be redeployed to reach their required fees in the life of everyday.The SG Humanism issued also hope that this committee work so that to make the ports of Ivory Coast, a haven for every docker it can come and go freely. “Every crisis should be settled in the social dialogue for the violence that both enamelled life of these structures are combined with the past,” Mamadou Soro desired.To achieve this goal, he urged all stakeholders in the sector to move towards deeper reforms and innovations. Hence the need, train dock workers in civic and moral level, guaranteeing a solid professional conscience.
It was Mr. Valassiné Diarrassouba, Branch Bolloré, who closed the meeting. He said the Ivorian ports have suffered too much turmoil. Therefore, tranquility and peace are the two most popular things. This is why the implementation of the Integration Committee “which should enable the disarmament of the hearts and minds during possible tensions”. The goal for him is that peace settled permanently in our ports. This is an obvious condition for these structures continue to play their role of locomotive of the economy. “I’m so happy with this democratic progress that shows that no problems can find solutions if we sit down to discuss it,” he was congratulated.