The substantive discussions in the trial of the murder of Robert Guei Gl began this Monday, January 25, 2016 at the Abidjan military tribunal. It was cooked for about two hours clock by the defense. Kouakou Kouadio said Warrant ‘Jino’ ‘central witness in the case, acknowledged having led the military expedition on the Saint Paul Cathedral Plateau to root out Gl Robert Guei and his wife have delivered Col Dogbo Corn. But he denied responsibility for the death of these. “I stopped General Robert Guei, I also got hold of his wife, but I am not the murderer,” he has told the Court presided by Judge Dembélé Tahirou. Kouakou Kouadio said Warrant ‘Jino’ ‘is the first accused to be heard in the trial of the assassination of General Robert Guei and his wife, members of his family and his bodyguards during the events of 19 September 2002 in Ivory Coast. ” It was I who found the Gl in the basement of St. Paul’s Cathedral Plateau, in a box, and I handed it to my chief, Col Dogbo Blé. Next we we went with elements of the troop walk home Gl Guei. It was I who found Ms. Rose Guei in the neighboring yard and I took her to my chief Col Dogbo Blé. She asked me a chair to sit down because she felt her tired feet. When I fetch the chair, I heard two shots. I ran and found the lifeless body of Madame in the gutter. In the excitement, I asked my boss who did this? He said ” this is the crazy Seka Seka ‘. It was later I learned that the TV Gl Guei was killed, ” said the key witness in substance. The accused has designated as the assassin Seka Seka former presidential couple but admitted not having seen fire.
His argument was undermined by the defense that held that the one presented as the central piece in the case Guei is a ‘witness made’ ‘because’ ‘At no time is this famous witness eyewitness to the two murders. At any time he said I was not present. From the moment he was not there, he witnesses what? ” Questioned me Dadjé Rodrigue, defense attorney. For him, Kouakou Kouadio said Warrant ‘Jino’ ‘is’ Witness manufactured ” the orders of Abidjan power.
The lawyers of the civil party as them, were satisfied that the truth will sue with this witness. ” With Kouakou Kouadio Warrant which is at the center of this device, we learn more than is known, ” welcomed me Guyonnet Paul, member of the group of lawyers of the plaintiff.
The judge Dembélé Tahirou suspended the hearing will resume this Tuesday, January 26, 2016.
A total of twenty defendants who will be heard in the trial of the assassination of General Robert Guei, including the General Dogbo Ble, former commander of the Republican Guard and Anselme Seka Yapo, former head of the bodyguards of Simone Gbagbo.
For the record, General Robert Guei and his wife, members of his family and his bodyguards were killed in the events of September 19, 2002 in Cote Ivory.