Recipe for 4 person (s)
Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 20 minutes
Marinating time: 2 hours

List of ingredients

– 4 cleaned bream, gutted
– 8 onions
– 8 limes
– 4 teaspoons mustard
– 10cl neutral vegetable oil (sunflower oil type)
– 4 bay leaves
– 2 bouillon cubes
– a pepper (optional )
– Salt
– From pepper
– 350 g rice


Practicing three vertical cuts on each side of bream. Slice the onions into medium slices and mix with mustard, the lime juice, the crumbled stock cubes, oil and bay leaves. Add salt, pepper and whole pepper for a spicy taste moderate or chopped for a very spicy hot taste. Mix well. Although permeate every dorade this marinade either at the notches, but also inside the hollowed fish. Let the fish marinate for two hours, covered and refrigerated. If possible, turn in the marinade in half. Then cook the fish at your convenience, barbecued, grilled, baked in the pan. For this recipe I cooked sea bream baked in mixed position convection / grill at 200 ° C between 15 and 20 minutes, turning halfway through cooking. Keep warm. Cook the rice separately.Drain the onions retaining the marinade. Enter the onions in a hot nonstick skillet without fat over medium-high heat for 5 minutes. Then continue cooking about 10 minutes more, stirring regularly over medium heat until the onions are cooked, ie slightly tender and they start to color. Then add reserved marinade before, reduce heat to low and let reduce by half. Stir occasionally so that the onions do not hang. Top up with a little water if the sauce tends to reduce too quickly. It should be neither too thin nor too thick.


Serve the fish with rice topped with onions and drizzled with sauce