At a conference dedicated to his shows connected, Samsung announced that the Gear S2 was soon able to communicate with Apple’s iOS. Two luxurious versions of the shows were also presented.

Rumor has swelled in recent weeks and Samsung took advantage of CES 2016 to formalize the new. On a hyper competitive market for connected watches since the arrival of the Apple Watch the Gear 2 could not remain compatible with iOS too long. So the Korean giant announced that its smartwatch will soon contact Apple products.

At the same time, two luxurious versions of the Gear S2 have been unveiled.

Tizen opens a little more

Recall that unlike most of the watches connected market (excluding Apple Watch), the Samsung S2 Gear embarks by the OS Android Wear, but his house Tizen operating system.

After first opening on Android smartphones other than the Samsung brand, the OS of the watch Korean giant will therefore still open a little and cozy up to iOS. Hard to tell what features we will have because Samsung did not want to communicate on the subject at its conference, but in the meantime, the effort is to emphasize ?! The Gear Manager application should logically be focused on iOS and therefore do not limit the Gear S2 simple notifications on iPhone.

Two versions  “Luxe”