TECHNOLOGY – Fridge, washing machine, everything is smart. Or not…

Ah, the Internet of Things. For ten years, we are promised that billions of everyday objects will connect to make our lives easier. And every edition of CES in Las Vegas, we pat the head against the wall in front of the appliance that has a “smart” in name only. This year was no exception to the rule.

Shopping on his fridge at Samsung

Are yogurt expired two weeks ago? Remains there in the salad crisper? Three cameras in the “family hub” Samsung refrigerator to monitor the inventory from their smartphone. And thanks to a partnership with MasterCard, we can shop on the giant touch screen (21 inches). Fortunately, a safeguard exists to validate the order to prevent their children to order 47 packets Babybel. OS with Tizen, the fridge welcomes Apps Smasung. Because between our smartphones, our shelves, our PC and our watches, we clearly need an additional screen to check the weather.

At LG, the door opens by itself

The fridge “Signature” LG features a motion sensor. Translation: the door opens by itself when his front foot is placed – the system is able to tell the difference between a human and a cat.According to LG, this allows direct store shopping without putting them on the table. Because obviously, in Korea, it puts its bulk bags in the fridge, without sorting anything. Want to see inside without letting it go cold? Just knock on the door, which then becomes transparent. Knock knock knock on the fridge’s door …

The washing machine controlled by smartphone

At LG, two compartments allow for both machines at the same time, for example color and clear.The washing machine and dishwasher Whirpool, themselves, can be controlled by smartphone.