Daniel Cheick Bamba Minister received Mahama Coulibaly and his staff, this Tuesday, January 5, 2016 at the headquarters of the Ivorian Taekwondo Federation.The visit that part of the campaign for the presidency of the Ivorian Basketball Federation delighted the boss of the Ivorian Taekwondo who indicated in step with Mahama Coulibaly for the development of the Ivorian basketball. “I thank you for this visit which honors taekwondo and its president. After traveling the Mahama program, I see that we are in the same vision of the development of sport in Côte d’Ivoire. And I am confident that with you at the head of the Ivorian Federation, basketball will certainly develop, “said Daniel Cheick Bamba after visiting the premises of the Taekwondo Federation to its guests. A rather warm welcome which put comfortable Mahama Coulibaly and his staff eager to drink from the extensive experience of the Minister Cheick Bamba. “We are really pleased with the reception that you have reserved for my staff and myself. We are especially pleased to know that we are on the right path. The one you borrowed taekwondo out of the box. We hope to enjoy more of your advice to the sport in Côte d’Ivoire goes to another dimension and basketball, as regards us, bounce with all his people. ” Following the intervention of Mahama Coulibaly, Daniel Cheick Bamba Me was pleased to receive the kit “Bouncing Ensemble” consists of gadgets and especially the program that he wished carefully guarded. Mahama Coulibaly candidate President of the FIBB, received before the From Minister Cheick Daniel Bamba, the official support of several institutional and commercial partners including the Mayor of Treichville, the National Institute of Youth and Sports, the Outraged wicks and Solibra.