The home of an Australian family has been completely ravaged in a fire caused by a hoverboard that caught fire while he was being charged, said Tuesday firefighters Melbourne (south).

The electric skateboard for Christmas had been offered to one of the daughters of this family living in Strathmore, suburb northwest of Melbourne.

She was connected for about ten minutes in the child’s room when she caught fire Monday night. The fire alarm has allowed the family to escape, but the house was ravaged.

Convenient means of transport for city dwellers, the hoverboards a kind of electric skateboard with two big wheels, made ​​fury at Christmas. They buy in Australia from 200 Australian dollars (130 euros).

However, this gadget is not without causing some fears: some cities believe that hoverboards are dangerous on sidewalks, in addition to being risky for their users.

The battery charging system is also pointed, with a dozen testimonials from hoverboards fires in the United States. The British authorities have seized 15,000 on their side this year on the grounds that the loading system can be dangerous.

Ibraheim Ash, who saw his Melbourne home in smoke, said he had made sure that the electrical boards he had purchased three of his four daughters for Christmas complied with Australian standards.

“We had heard that many imported versions were not so we wanted to make sure they bought the right model,” he told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

He said he was happy that the fire has not said while her daughter slept.

“By the time the firemen arrived, the whole house was on fire,” he lamented.