The Director-General of the National Social Cohesion Programme (NSCP), Pr Mariatou Kone said in his new year message sent Sunday, APA that the year “2016 marks the beginning of a new era” for the Coast Ivoire after the “success of the presidential election” last October in a “peaceful environment”. “Moved by the same feeling of lead Ivory Coast to a definitive end to the crisis, we have done our duty as citizens in the respect the rights of others and respecting the right to difference, “recalled Professor Kone, expressing the need to preserve these gains in the nextelection.” We have a duty to maintain and consolidate this in the upcoming parliamentary elections local (regional and municipal) that, whatever the challenges, we must not lose sight of the general interest, particularly the national interest must always transcend all particular interests, “she added. The Executive Director of the NSCP also found that “the success of the presidential election of 2015, in a peaceful social climate, made ​​us take a further step towards national reconciliation.” For her, coming together to build a strong and prosperous Nation , which offers the best prospects of fulfillment for all people, regardless of any affiliation, “becomes possible if we take a firm commitment to go to true reconciliation and lasting social peace.”“2016 must be for each of us one year to permanently close the Page crises intolerance and misunderstandings “continued Dr. Koné. In the process, she explained that “national reconciliation, collective work, feeds feelings and sincere actions, imbued with humility and truth, that alleviate pain, bitterness and frustration.” Pr Mariatou Koné also , welcomed the gradual return of refugees or exiles involved in consolidating social peace. “Congratulations to those who have returned to help build the Nation Ivory Courage to those who plan to do!” She started, noting that “Ivory Coast needs all its children its progress towards economic development and social harmony.