The Abidjan regime had posed as Father Christmas to relieve the artists with a magic stick. But many promises are unfortunately rows in closets. Ivory Coast Artists will have to take their troubles patiently for, the many promises of the regime that would give them a breathing space did not materialize. Yet Bandamn Maurice, Minister of Culture and Francophonie had promised the earth in their enforcement of the ministerial task entrusted to it. Theatre In the interest of a new dynamic arts boards, the Minister Culture and Francophonie had the inventory. His conclusion after the audit is that the theater companies, including the troops of the INA, the Theatrical Union of Côte d’Ivoire (UTCI) Adjé of Daniel, the Kotéba Souleymane Koly, the Ki-Yi Mbock from were Were, Bin Kadi So, the Didiga, the Duo Theatre Circle Koffi Kwahulé and Guédéba Martin of Soleil de Cocody Diallo Ticouai Vincent, the Company Djiboua Divo, etc. are no longer active. Given this bleak picture, the Minister had announced the construction of twelve (12) integrated cultural centers in various regions of Côte d’Ivoire and nine (9) centers of applied art. These buildings should allow industry players to express themselves are never left Earth. “The Ivorian theater has revealed major players such as Daniel Adjé, Bitty Moro Welcome Neba, etc. Pierre Gondo This discipline is very wrong door today. Thanks to the vision of the Head of State, Alassane Ouattara, we will upgrade the sector. My staff and I are working on this. In the coming days, professionals in this sector will see significant changes, “he liked to say. But none of this was done to the chagrin of professional boards. Faced with the inability of the Minister, Diallo Ticouai Vincent in his time director of the theater division of Cocody at the time had developed a project to restore the discipline on rails. The document submitted to the Minister remained unanswered. Diallo Ticouai Vincent who had not had the permission of the guardianship has simply been landed from his post. Mr. Ousmane Diallo, artistic director of the company Africa Ivory said he was not surprised by the actions of the regime. “The Minister of Culture and Francophonie wants to be associated with all the major cultural events to show the head of state jurisdiction in its field. As Diallo Ticouai Vincent has not associated with the development of this major project, he simply landed and yet it was in the interest of professionals in the sector. Maurice Bandaman did such an apology for the head of state we looked forward in anticipation of the construction of buildings. To our surprise one building was built and the Ivorian theater is still in a nameless lethargy. “Cinema Under the stimulus of the 7th art of Ivorian politics, had sent Mr. Maurice Bandaman Angama Calixte, Director arts and culture among heads of theaters he said to revitalize the sector. At the end of his journey, the emissary took stock of the situation to the Minister. The repositioning project that sector has never experienced an execution beginning. The 7th art Ivorian who took the lead in the wing for a long time just to leave his long sleep. Most theaters have become shopping centers are otherwise in a different state of decay very advanced in the municipalities of Abidjan District and even in large cities closure of cinemas creates a real distress to enthusiasts film which are also deprived of their favorite pastime. Alas, under Ouattara, art, culture and welfare are sad memories for Ivorians. Fight against piracy of intellectual works. This case has posed enormous challenges to the regime. The bill proposed in June 2015 by the Council of Ministers has not been passed by the National Assembly. Hackers continue to the nose and the beard of the government to duplicate and market the works of artists and this impunity at all major intersections in Abidjan and arteries of the cities of the interior. The Ivorian artists are wondering what happened to the legislation that would have allowed them to live decently from their creations. During a meeting in 2015 with the creators of intellectual works, in the conference room of his department, Minister of Culture and Francophonie announced his interlocutors the imminent application of the texts that would be favorable. “The Ivorian government is striving to take repressive measures against pirates. We are currently developing texts that allow you to live your art. We can not tolerate that people spend their time thinking out works and third parties benefit. The head of state gave me a mission I intend to succeed. We will deliver a war without thank you counterfeiters “, said the Minister. He added that since his appointment as head of the Department of Culture and Francophonie, concrete proposals along the lines of the fight against piracy had been made. Some of these proposals concerned the import licenses of cultural property and other operating on visas and censorship, or taxation on audiovisual aids, control or repression. These proposals were designed to establish the principle of equitable remuneration in two points: the private copying remuneration and compensation for reprographic reproduction. They allowed to recognize the holders of copyright or related rights the ability to create two distinct structures of collective management, one for management of copyright and the other for management of neighboring rights. The texts together constituted the principle of fair remuneration in two points: the private copying remuneration and compensation for reprographic reproduction. These texts unfortunately remained at the stage of promises according to statements by several artists.