Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire)
The Ivorian private sector can continue its path for the future with serenity and optimism, said Thursday in his New Year message, the President of the General Confederation of Ivorian companies (CGECI, employers ), Jean Kacou Diagou falling, expressing all his “gratitude to all political parties and all candidates, for having defended and preserved peace in Ivory Coast during and after the presidential election” last October. “The day after the October 25, 2015, the day of the presidential election until the deadline for a political party to ask complaints, the Ivorian people as a whole was the fact that our country has remained peaceful. The results of the presidential elections were accepted by all. The unsuccessful candidates congratulated the winner and attended his inauguration “is congratulated Diagou in a message sent to APA. For him, democracy” rooted “a little more in our country that comes up at the end of this “beautiful electoral exercise.” “On behalf of the Ivorian private sector, I would like to express our gratitude to all political parties and all candidates, for having defended and preserved peace in Cote Ivory during and after the presidential election of 2015, “added the president of the CGECI. He reiterated in stride, on behalf of the Ivorian private sector, his” congratulations to President Alassane Ouattara for his brilliant re-election to head our country for a second term. We have no doubt that he will make good use “.” The Ivory Coast so just broke up with what we thought was inevitable, that elections in Africa are synonymous with violence and even war . Is this the beginning of the era of the new Ivorian announced? I founded hope, “says Jean Kacou Diagou, welcoming the” 2015 ends so to great effect. “” The year 2016 opens with a bright horizon. Dear members of the private sector, we can continue our path for the future with serenity and optimism, “said the president of the Ivorian employers. Since 2012, Côte d’Ivoire began a vigorous economic and social development. Like the rest of the Africa. “I remain confident that this growth will continue, to strengthen and become more inclusive. I remain optimistic that the business environment will improve over the next few years, “hopes Mr. Diagou, inviting members of the private sector, working to grasp all the opportunities that will be available to them.” Do backwards at nothing, “he advises. The president of the CGECI also recognizes that” access to public markets will never be easy. “But, he adds,” are working closely with our leaders that display good provisions to facilitate our access to these markets of which they are officers. “” We heurterons certainly the difficulties of access to finance. But banks are they not members of the Ivorian private sector? Are they not, too, as any of the private companies, driven by profitability requirement? So why together, banks and non-bank companies, do not we work to identify innovative financial products to finance the development of our companies? “Asks Mr. Diagou. The alternative mechanisms for financing the private sector abound in developed countries, and not far from the Ivory Coast, in the countries of Southern Africa.” So why do not we give the just imagine us, members and private sector actors, alternative financial vehicles that will finance our businesses? “adds Mr. Diagou according to which” it is high time that we, the Ivorian private sector, took our destiny. “” For us, no obstacle should be insurmountable as to be an obstacle in achieving our goals. This is the challenge of 2016, “said the president of the CGECI; concluding that we face” this challenge together for the welfare of women and men living on this earth ivory “.