The famous American actor Bill Cosby was presented Wednesday to a judge for the first time charged with sexual assault despite dozens of accusations for months, it has always contested.

Clenched jaw, the hesitant gait, Bill Cosby came out of a black car in front of many journalists before disappearing in a court in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, in the eastern US, at 14:30 (1930 GMT) .

The actor, 78 years old, only stayed a moment inside time to deposit 10% of the bail set by the court for one million dollars, told AFP an official of court. A new hearing was set for January 14.

Dressed in a hooded vest, leaning on the arms of two escorts, Bill Cosby had left his passport to justice before going to the police station where officers took his fingerprints and photograph, said the court employee .

Having long embodied the ideal father in the series “The Cosby Show,” the actor was charged with “aggravated sexual assault” –a qualification approaching that of rape in other judiciaires– systems, Attorney Montgomery County, PA.

This charge may be worth to the actor, if convicted, up to 10 years imprisonment.

Lawyers for the actor promised a “vigorous defense” for what Bill Cosby is “cleared” for “alleged incident” dating back 12 years ago.

The actress and feminist Lena Dunham expressed on Twitter “happy that the criminal record of Bill Cosby is forever marked as the lives of the women he raped. They deserve justice and peace.”

The facts concern a former employee of Temple University in 2004, said Deputy Prosecutor Kevin Steele, without giving his identity.

– Pills –

According to the American press, it would be Andrea Constand, former head of the basketball team of Temple University from 2001 to 2004. His lawyer, Dolores Troiani, confirmed to CNN that the charge concerned that folder .

The attack would have occurred at the home of actor in Cheltenham, a town in the suburbs of Philadelphia, said Kevin Steele.

During her exchange with the actor, the alleged victim had come to consider Bill Cosby as “a mentor and friend,” said the deputy prosecutor.

According to the results of the investigation, Bill Cosby made her take pills that have immobilized before sexually assault her.

It is communication to Justice in July 2015, new information regarding these facts is the origin of this indictment, said the deputy prosecutor.

It is extracted from a record of hearing Bill Cosby dating back to 2005, in which he acknowledges having given a pill to Andrea Constand then having caressed her chest and proceeded to sexual touching.

In his testimony, he nonetheless asserts that the relationship was granted and that the young woman has never shown his opposition.

Mentioning charges regarding other offenses committed in the same jurisdiction, Kevin Steele asked anyone with information to contact them to justice.

The actor is accused by fifty women for having drugged to abuse them, facts that date back to the 1960s for some, many of which are prescribed.

In the case of Andrea Constand, requirement was 12 years, said the deputy prosecutor, which means that the facts were still likely to be prosecuted.

Another woman, Donna Barrett, recently claimed to have suffered Bill Cosby in 2004 also touching on the sidelines of a sporting event.

The actor was also assigned in October Chloe Goins, a young woman accusing him of sexually assaulting her in 2008 at the Playboy Mansion, home of the famous creator of the eponymous boutique magazine, Hugh Hefner.

Through his performances and social topics in “The Cosby Show,” first series aired on a major US national chain whose main actors were all black, Bill Cosby had acquired the status of moral figure of the black community.