Mexican authorities have ended Tuesday in the mare Ethan Couch, a “rich kid” wanted in the US for violating its judicial review, after killing four people driving, in one case involving young speeders and wealthy Americans who had moved.

Ethan Couch, 18, ​​nicknamed “affluenza teen” because supposedly suffering from “the dissatisfaction of people who have everything” (“affluenza” is a neologism formed from the contraction of the words -richesse- affluence and influenza -grippe-) was wanted for several weeks by police in Texas, which received the backing of theFBI and the federal agency that specializes in finding fugitives, the United States Marshals Service (USMS).

“These people (the teenager and his mother, ed) were located and arrested on December 28” and were handed over to immigration authorities “because they could not prove they were staying legally in Mexico,” he said in a statement the prosecutor of the State of Jalisco, on the west coast.

A photo released by the prosecutor’s office, shows the young man, usually blonde, who sports a beard and black hair.

In Mexico, security forces were on this case for 22 December in collaboration with their US counterparts, where the two accused will be extradited, said the prosecutor of the State of Jalisco, home to the resort renowned Puerto Vallarta where, said the Fort Worth Star-Telegram quoted a spokesman for the prosecutor in Tarrant County (Texas), Ethan Couch and his mother were arrested.

Texas, Tarrant County Sheriff said the young man and his mother had “organized a farewell party” before fleeing in early.

– ‘Beer Pong’ –

In June 2013, then aged 16 and drunk driving a pickup, Ethan broke four pedestrians and crashed into another vehicle, leaving four dead and several seriously injured.

He then made headlines in the American press when had defended the thesis that he was suffering from “affluenza”, defined as a contagious disease in consumerist societies and resulting in anxiety, disgust, a filling feeling and dissatisfaction with the “ever-more.”

In the case of Ethan Couch, it was argued that his affluence prevented him from realizing the consequences of his actions.

While it had incurred 20 years in prison at his trial, the teenager had finally got to the surprise of a simple prescription of psychiatric care and testing 10 years.

This clemency had shocked many Americans, especially the young speeder has never expressed remorse nor spent a single night behind bars.

The controversy has bounced back this month with the emergence of a video showing Ethan to a new part of “beer pong,” a drinking game in which US participants éclusent to the chain of beer glasses.

Alcohol consumption constitutes a violation of its judicial review, the police had presented the home of the teenager, a house whose occupants had left no forwarding address.

The leak Ethan had provoked reactions outraged across the United States.