udents enrolled in the 3rd and terminally dragging their feet for online registration on the list of candidates for the examinations of the session 2016 of Undergraduate Studies Certificate (BEPC) and Baccalaureate. A deadline of December 18, 2015 The review reported thousands not yet registered candidates. They may not be able to participate in these reviews. Where the concerns of the Minister of Education and Technical Education, Ms. Kandia Camara Kamissoko. It therefore gave instructions to the examinations and competitions Directorate (Deco) of his ministry. This structure has taken steps in this direction. In a press release copy of which reached us Monday, December 21, its director, Ms. Nimaga-Dosso Mariam, said that the deadline for applications is extended to 15 January 2016. However, it warns that the expiration of this new deadline, any failure or delay will result in non-inclusion of contender BECP and Bac 2016. Therefore, on behalf of the Minister Kandia Camara, she raised awareness in exam class students parents to approach before January 15, 2016, institutions to ensure, through the pre-registration forms and applications plugs available in these schools, the completion of the actual registration process for their children for exams 2016. “Any negligence could have significant consequences,”